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Green Ted

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Traveller, cultural aficionado and anti-selfie exemplar: this site documents Green Ted's search for great sculpture.

Hepworth Square Forms Canterbury Cathedral entrance Frink Brighton 2012 Mozart Bust Bruges, 2013 Purcell Jones Chair Three Graces THree Graces, NY Women of WW2 Yalta Passacaglia Floyd Henry Moore Virginia Woolf Bing Betjeman Couple on Seat Group of Bears Stormtrooper Fourth plinth Rhodes Brandenburg Gate Marx Feel, Gormley Marx Watchers and Thinkers Nature morte Kapoor Beloved Daughter Edge III Gormley Kettles Yard Lamb, Kenny Hunter Marx, mono Chatsworth Lion Cyan


This is a selection of some of the best (or, sometimes, the most notorious) works. There is a full list here.