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G reen Ted's origins have been forgotten, but the earliest image (after a false start in Normandy) has been traced to a visit to Brighton in March 2011. Mrs Ted appeared on the scene in 2014 (it's embroidered on her foot), also in Brighton.

T his site has three main purposes:

Primarily to celebrate Green Ted and public art.

Then to remind us where we've been and when. (Due to the pointless Site Regulations, GT has to be in all the shots so if we forget to take him with us there's no web page and even if he came along, other items of interest will not be shown without GT in the frame. This rule may be broken eventually … and it was, when the Normandy entry was added, late in the initial build.)

And finally, to remind me of the cameras I have used.

p.s. there's a fourth purpose, to learn about responsive web design.

F or six years from 2011, the snaps of GT were a personal indulgence rather than fine art. Now they are being made public, efforts will be made to refine the output. In addition to the GT shot, there will usually be another putting the work in its context and a snap of the informative plaque (if found).

T o get in touch with comments or suggestions, please email here, or do something on Twitter here,

Y ou may use the images on this site without prior permission for any scholarly or educational purpose so long as you:
(1) can think of one; (2) credit the photographer; and (3) link your document to the relevant page URL. For any other purposes, please email the link above.

A cknowledgements:
Credits are given on the Technical links page. Particular thanks are due to Clarissa Peterson who wrote the book, Learning Responsive Web Design which informed much of the site and provided most of the initial code. Thanks also to Kimberly Geswein who designed the font used throughout the site, curiously named Loved by the King (more on fonts here). The social media buttons were adapted from a set by in a nutshell studio.