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The Life and Works of Robert Wood Classicist and
Traveller (1717-1771)
by Rachel Finnegan and Lynda Mulvin



A 2018 picture of Robert Wood's tomb in Putney is to appear in The Life and Works of Robert Wood Classicist and Traveller (1717-1771) by Rachel Finnegan and Lynda Mulvin. It has been converted to B&W to de-emphasise GT.

2022 Calendar


2022 Calendar

The calendar is at the printer's. After 18 months of Covid restrictions, the contents have drawn on the archives, but fun has been had.

2021 Calendar


2021 Calendar

was published promptly. On with '22, now with an X-T4.



Kara Walker

The 2020 calendar was produced. I intend to try and shoot at least one piece per month for next year's. Starting with Kara Walker in Tate Modern's Turbine Hall.




As soon as I had completed the acquisition of a set of M43 lenses, I sold the lot, bought a Fuji X-T2 and am now working on a new collection of glass. This says something about me and toys, but nevertheless, it's a lovely camera.

There's not much activity on the GT front at the moment, but a new APoY has just started and I did call into the British Museum yesterday.




Another visit to Ely, it being a favourite cathedral town, and we made it to the stained glass museum this time. Not many opportunities to photograph GT with glass, but he did sit on a few of the gargoyles. They have a new sculpture in the grounds too.

I doubt there'll be time to process al the snaps, but I'll get a few on the page.



My invitation to join in the ArtUK Sculpture project at last arrived and I attended a briefing session last weekend. At some time in the next few weeks, i should get a list of subjects I share a postcode with, then wait for a (not too) sunny day and get to work. GT will, of course, come to help.

And the 2018 calendars have arrived - 5 copies and they look rather good.



I bought a new domain today - My normal provider, does not deal in .arts so I reluctantly used GoDaddy. At present, the domain just redirects to the old address, but if LCN wise up, I'll transfer it there and gradually move resources over. I still have a stack of business cards, so there's no rush.

Chatsworth Lion


Further apologies to regular readers. There is a growing backlog of material to process while I concentrate on the degree. I am posting a new page with (usually) one image for each outing, but failing so far to upload the rest. So it goes. I might change the approach and throw images in bulk at the web pages without my usual attention to detail, but even that takes time in selection and reformatting.

Some equipment changes, I have sold the Olympus EM10Mk2 (bought new) and Panasonic GF7 (from eBay), keeping the lenses, and bought (new) a Panasonic G80 and a Sony RX100Mk3, both with handy cashback deals. I still have the original and perfectly-formed GF1 for a backup M43 body. And the Fuji XM1 and X100S. And the Nikon D300, which hasn't been out in a while and resembles the big brother of the G80 with its battery grip.



Time has been flying. I am still spending more effort on my degree than on GT and that will be the case for several years. But the GT snaps are sill being taken. I have quite a few waiting to be processed and while that will be done, the index and the list have not been updated for some time. No matter, the snaps are the important thing.



GT has been second place in my snapping of late as I have started the BA in Photography with OCA. That is being documented here. Nevertheless, I have managed some GTs along the way and am about to write a catchup page.

There a couple of London visits coming up and a strong possibility of a trip to Yorkshire in July that should include the Sculpture Park and the Hepworth Museum.

[28Jun] The GT database is on a backburner with the gas turned off. I intend to update a spreadsheet of images and targets, convert that to a table on the site and update the index. Eventually.




A third clear TOfT (told off for Ted) at the Kettles Yard Gormley show. This follows Classical Now on 8th March and Tate Britain on 20th January.


30May 2018

There have not been any entries lately because, (i) the has been more doing than planning and (ii) most of the activity has been on the comps page instead.

There is a possible outing tomorrow (Thurs 31 May) and the likely subject are both repeats.

  1. Wellcome centre for a still Gormley and a moving public – turn up early and beat the lunchtime rush to get the only good seat. This will be the entry for APoy R7, September – Movement.
  2. Paternoster Square for the Frink again, GT in place. St P’s in the background, possible crowd movement too. This for APoY R6 Urbal and Rural, August.



Three new targets:
Horselydown Square Waterfall,
Jacob the Horse, Bermondsey - a possible for APOY urban & rural ,
V&A Myth and Mortality.

And Emin's new light show.

APOY Round 1 7th April


Entries closed yesterday for the first round ("Best of British")in the APOY18 competition and I find the process far more interesting than I expected. There were 638 entries from 470 photographers and members of the site have two weeks to rate the entries. I am currently lying 587th (9:38 am). As stated at the outset, I don't expect to win anything or even get a rosette, but it's great fun.
There are a few trends identifiable in the entries, notably steam trains, the Red Arrows and the seaside, incl. piers and Punch & Judy shows.

More details (and a running commentary on the leaderboard) here.

Feel, Gormley


A trip to town today with visits to St Stephen Walbrook, the Wellcome Foundation, John Lewis, BrewDog Soho and to the Margaret Howell store in Wigmore Street to pick up a copy of the Simon Phipps calendar. The calendar is no longer listed on their sales list and so we got it for free: a result. Great photographs, but strangely incomplete without GT to cheer them up.

OCA logo


I have applied for a student loan to study for a BA Photography degree at OCA. My major will, of course, be architectural photography, specifically public art, not necessarily always including GT.

I also found today that I had missed an exhibition at Courtaulds / Somerset House in 2016 (before GT photography began in earnest) called OUT THERE: OUR POST-WAR PUBLIC ART (their caps). This was followed by an exhibition sponsored by Margaret Howell, featuring some great photographs by Simon Phipps.

I might continue the blog component of the site on blogspot - that's under consideration at the moment. Trial

Trafalgar Square


Drawn to the Historic England and English Heritages sites by a Times article on responses to the Cecil Rhodes and other controversial statues, "Rival statues to shame slave traders", I found a 2016 article on Post-War Public Art and so have a new set of targets, including one about half a mile from home.

The monthly SEO report is now available.

Trafalgar Square in monochrome entered in Round 1 of APOY 2018.



Targets for next London trip. Possibly:
Burghers of Calais, nr HofParl,
Kindertransport, Liverpool St Station,
Brixton Station,
another BrewDog.

[29Mar18] It rained today so that will have to wait.
I am working on the entry for the first round of APOY, Best of British. The entry will almost certainly be Trafalgar Square. Reworking the stitched image today, I was struck by the extraordinary level of detail captured by the X100S.

Brandenburg Gate


To Berlin in a couple of days. With limited space available, I am planning to take the Fuji X100S and resurrect the minuscule Nikon Coolpix S3700 (well, it's always in my bag but it hasn't been used for months) as backup and for when longer shots are needed.
[28Mar18] Berlin was fun and the little Nikon performed admirably, see the rooftop shot from BrewDog.

Cecil Rhodes


We called in at Oxford on the way back from Stratford-oa to snap Cecil Rhodes. The porters at Oriel kindly pointed me to the statue (which I had walked past twice) and pointed out the nearby plaque.

Crucified Stormtrooper


The Times on 14th March published an article, Parish strikes back against crucified stormtrooper art, stating that some parishioners had objected to this piece and, as a consequence, "Church leaders have opted to move the stormtrooper out of sight of praying parishioners. In an alcove far, far away".
So, we went to have a look.

APOY 2018


AmPhot have announced this year's APOY contest. The first assignment is Best of British by 6th April. GT activity here.



Another extensive jaunt today, including Cavendish Square, St Paul's again, part of King's Classical Now and a failed search for the site of the Farringdon Spoons. It was the first outing for the GX7.

I was told off for Green Tedding at Classical Now: rather ironic as they are publicising it by dressing formal statues in modern clothes. This is my second TOFT (told off for ted), the first being in in Tate Britain. I got away with it at the British Museum and was observed but not spoken to by a security guard at the British Library, but most of the pieces at latter are outside the biding.



To Canterbury for part of its sculpture trail.

The highlights were the Cathedral entrance gate (not on the trail) and the Canterbury Lamb.

Flags 1st March 2018


Monthly visitor stats.

The index has, at last, been brought up to date. It is a deeply tedious task. The content of the entries (title with or without artist, place with or without date, etc.) has changed over time and may be standardised at some point, but I doubt it. The only reason it has been updated is that I'm snowed in and it's too cold for outdoor snaps.

The format of the pages, largely the sizes and layout of images, has also evolved, but I think is is gradually improving and will soon stabilise.

Green Ted and John Betjeman


A very productive day:
Holloway Road tube,
Betjeman at St Pancras
Newton and two very mundane Gormley's at the British Library
Pavlova near Victoria station
Henry Moores and several other pieces at Canary Wharf.

Green Ted Ilse Bing homage


A possible trip for this weekend:
1. Holloway Road tube for their green-tiled ticket office
2. King's Cross for Betjeman
3. British Library for a few - Newton and Gormley
4. Perhaps Embankment - lots there.

Furthermore - mirror found and Ilse Bing Homage V.1 completed.



A visit to the British Museum and also to Tavistock Square.

The GT2 in NY page is complete.



Uptown tomorrow, a few targets near the Barbican noted.
[16Feb18] A bonanza: three targets all found (Bellerophon, Gardener and Glass) and three serendipitous extras (Rush Hour, Lumen and Shakespeare).



GT2 has landed in NY. GT is on a short visit to Brighton with two targets in mind.

Flanagan, rope


A competition not entered and a Manifesto.


Some SEO.

Flags Feb 18


The first full month of operation and 83 visitors in total so far.

GT and Yalta Memorial


SW7, near the V&A, for the Yalta Memorial and Bartók



The TrafSq-Whitehall-ParlSq walk was accomplished this week using the Fuji X100S and Nikon D300. An important lesson was learned - a lot of London statuary is eminently ignorable, especially when it involves the military and the monarchy. This mission will in future concentrate on quality rather than quantity, although a full run on British royals might remain a low priority task. Monty, Slim and Alanbrooke will be the last generals to appear unless the piece is intrinsically interesting.



To Tate Britain for Henry Moore and the last weekend of the Rachel Whiteread ex.

I have found one image from the missing Austria trip on an old iPhone backup.



Weekend visits to Christchurch Gardens and Greenwich to try out the new (to me) X100S and Panasonic 20mm f/1.7.



I have found some snaps from a trip to North Wales that included visits to Llandudno and Portmeirion. There was also a 2014 trip to Austria, including Salzburg and I am almost sure I remember photographing GT there, but cannot find the results.


The new camera and lens have arrived and look good. HTML descriptions (all different) have been added to every page. Social media links have been added in the footer but they are not dynamic yet.


Explanatory text has been added to most of the pages. The principal remaining task is to configure dynamic social media share buttons.


Flags 3Jan18

The first of the (probably) monthly flag count reports.
A visit to Covent Garden for other purposes yielded two subjects, Young Dancer and St. Paul. MPB have received the X10 and the X100S should be here on Saturday. And GT's stunt double arrived today.


On an earlier site, the path I logged for SEO was:

We start with Hubspot's recommended tools,
with Search Engine Watch
and Moz Beginners' Guide
This suggests:
1. Google Webmaster Tools - registered and TXT record added ✔ 31 Dec
2. Sitemap - XML-sitemaps (500 max, 48 present, no broken links) created and submitted to Google ✔ 31Dec and to Bing ✔ 31Dec. Google Analytics and Ads set up ✔ 31 Dec.


All the best images from the visits I have found are now on the site. There's a little more development to do, mainly SEO and social media links and thereafter, just adding new images as they arise. A London visit is likely next week.



This all started in the summer of 2011 when Green Ted turned up on a camping holiday in Normandy. Since then he tends to join us on outings and appear in photographs, especially where there is statuary involved. The web site began in December 2017. I had created a 2018 wall calendar using photographs of GT, largely as a reminder of where we have been in the last few years. This drew the comment, "you ought to put those on a web site".