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Post War Public Art, English Heritage

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English Heritage has a page on the subject: it probably has several, but this one caught the eye because it has a piece on our doorstep, just a walk in the park from Avery Hill Winter Gardens.

The page, published on 22nd January 2016, lists "41 sculptures across England designed to bring our public spaces back to life after WWII", a few of which have already been GT'd and several others already targets. It's clearly time to start a new collection. There is a supplementary list of five pieces for the North East.

[4Apr18] I might extend this list to cover targets in general. Accordingly, I'll add a source column (the key is below the table) and attempt to add the postcode for the pieces, especially those outside London.

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Title / Subject
City / Town
Franta Belsky Lesson 1956 - 57 London Avebury Estate, Bethnal Green EH1  
Antanas Brazdys Ritual 1968 - 69 London Woolgate Exchange, Coleman Street EH1  
Geoffrey Clarke Spiral Nebula 1962 Newcastle Physics Building, Newcastle U. EH1  
Geoffrey Clarke Spirit of Electricity, The 1961 London Westminster EH2  
Edward Bainbridge Copnall St Thomas à Becket 1973 London St Paul's Cathedral Churchyard EH1 8Mar18
Frank Dobson London Pride 1951 London South Bank EH1 25Oct15
Jacob Epstein Pan Statue 1958 - 59 London Knightsbridge EH1  
Arthur Fleischmann Miner, The 1964 St Helens   EH1  
Elisabeth Frink Eagle Squadron Memorial 1985 London Grosvenor Square Gardens EH1  
Elisabeth Frink Horse and Rider 1975 London   EH1  
Elisabeth Frink Wild Boar 1969 Harlow, Essex The Water Gardens EH1  
Andy Frost Derwent Walk Express 1986 Gateshead Hexham Road, Swalwell EH2  
Naum Gabo Revolving Torsion 1975 London St Thomas’ Hospital EH1  
Antony Gormley Untitled [Listening] 1983 - 84 London Maygrove Peace Park EH1  
David Hamilton Parsons' Polygon 1982 - 85 Newcastle Upon Tyne Blackett Street EH2  
Barbara Hepworth Curved Reclining Form (Rosewall) 1960 - 62 Chesterfield S49 1PF EH1  
Barbara Hepworth Single Form (Memorial) 1961 - 62 London Battersea Park EH1  
Barbara Hepworth Winged Figure 1963 London John Lewis, Oxford St EH1 5Apr18
Phillip King Declaration 1961 Leicestershire Beaumanor Hall EH1  
Fred Kormis Prisoner of War Memorial 1967 - 69 London Gladstone Park, Dollis Hill EH1  
David McFall Winston Churchill 1958 - 59 London Woodford EH1  
F E McWilliam Father Courage¬† 1960 Canterbury University of Kent EH1  
F E McWilliam Elisabeth Frink 1956 Harlow, Essex   EH1  
F E McWilliam Help! 1976 Harlow, Essex   EH1  
F E McWilliam Witch of Agnesi 1959 London Avery Hill EH1 14Apr18
Kenneth Martin Construction in Aluminium 1967 Cambridge Department of Engineering EH1  
William Mitchell Story of Wool, The 1968 Ilkley International Development Centre EH1  
Henry Moore Knife Edge Two 1967 London Westminster EH1 25Jan18
Oscar Nemon Sigmund Freud 1970 London Tavistock Clinic, Swiss Cottage EH1  
Eduardo Paolozzi Ventilation Shaft Cover 1982 London Pimlico EH1  
Peter Laszlo Peri Boys Playing Football, Relief of 1951 - 52 London Wareham House, South Lambeth Estate EH1  
Peter Laszlo Peri Following the Leader (Memorial to the Children Killed in the Blitz) 1949 London Vauxhall EH1  
Peter Laszlo Peri Mother and Children Playing, Relief of 1951 - 52 London Horton House, South Lambeth Estate EH1  
Peter Laszlo Peri Preacher, The 1961 London Forest Gate Methodist Church EH1  
William Pye Zemran 1971 London Queen Elizabeth Hall terrace EH1  
Ivor Robert-Jones Augustus John 1964 - 67 location Fordingbridge EH1  
Bernard Schottlander 2MS Series No. 1 1970 Milton Keynes   EH1  
Bernard Schottlander 3B Series No. 1 by 1968 Coventry   EH1  
Bernard Schottlander South of the River 1975 - 76 London   EH1  
Hans Schwarz Market Woman 1966 Wallsend Station Road EH2  
John Skelton Symbol of Discovery, The 1963 Chichester   EH1  
Willi Soukop Donkey 1955 Harlow, Essex   EH1  
Karel Vogel The Leaning Woman 1959 London North Verbena Gardens, Hammersmith, EH1  
David Wynne Gorilla 1962 London Crystal Palace Park EH1  
n/k Easington Colliery Disaster Memorial 1953 - 54 County Durham Easington Colliery Cemetery EH2  
n/k Barking Town Square folly   Barking rear of Iceland Gua  
Richard Wilson Slice of Reality   London Greenwich Peninsula Gua  
Victor Pasmore Apollo Pavilion   Peterlee   Gua  
Alfred Gilbert Eros   London Piccadilly Circus Gua  
Henry Moore Old Flo 1957 - 58 London Canary Wharf Gua 24Feb18
Antony Gormley Angel of the North   Gateshead   Gua  
Various artists Fourth Plinth 2017 London Trafalgar Square Gua 25Jan18
Tracey Emin Baby Things   Folkestone   Gua  
Giles Gilbert Scott K6 telephone box 1935 various Eltham Gua 11Apr18
George Meikle Kemp Scott Monument 1844 Edinburgh   Gua  
n/k Stonehenge 3,000 BC c. Wiltshire nr. Amesbury -  

EH1 - English Heritage, Post-War Public Art Listed
EH2 - English Heritage, Post-War Public Art in the North East Listed
Gua - Guardian, The 10 best public works of art
Pea - Lynn Pearson, Public Art since 1950, see below

Lynn Pearson, Public Art since 1950

Lynn Pearson, Public Art since 1950

Lynn Peason's book is a useful listing and commentary on pieces in this category throughout the UK. It will probably be integrated with the list above in due course.

Title / Subject
City / Town
Philip Jackson Liberation Sculpture 1995 St Helier Jersey Pea  
Pauline Wittka-Jezewski Helical Spire 1997 St Peter Jersey Pea  
Adrian Moakes Timelines 2002 Dunstable Beds, Vernon Place Pea  
Peter Randall-Page Ebb and Flow 2003 Newbury Berks, Newbury Lock Pea  
Liz Leyh Cows 1978 Milton Keynes North Loughton Valley Park Pea  
Wendy Taylor Octo 1980 Milton Keynes Silbury Boulevard Pea  
John Clinch Vox Pop 1988 Milton Keynes Queen's Square Pea  
Ronald Rae O Wert Thou in the Cauld Blast 1984 Milton Keynes Rail station Pea  
Ray Smith Chain Reaction 1992 Milton Keynes Campbell Park Pea  
Elizabeth-Jane Grosse five works 2002 c. Ely Cambs. Eel Trail Pea  
John Maine Pyramid (and others) 1981 Peterborough Thorpe Meadows Pea  
Charles Poulsen Hush (and others) 2002 Chester Weaver Street Pea  
Teena Gould unnamed 2003 Penzance Rail station Pea  
David Kemp unnamed 2003 Penzance Rail station Pea  
Peter Randall-Page unnamed 2006 c. St Austell Eden Project Pea  
Angela Conner Poise 2000 Chesterfield 17 West Bars Pea  
Jeffrey Salter unnamed 1989 Barnstaple Brannan's Pottery Pea  
Katy Hallett ceramic seats 1999 Gt. Torrington Devon, Tarka Trail Pea  
Roger Dean Sheep 1997 Hatherleigh Devon Pea  

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