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Gemini labelGT has spent some time researching his heritage. His family origins seem to be around Chichester at the Gemini factory. Bizstats notes, "Founded in 1988, Gemini Toys, classified under reg no. 02306041 is an active company. Currently registered at Unit 3 Chichester Business Park PO20 2FT, West Sussex the company has been in the business for twenty nine years".

GT on ebay

A family search on ebay revealed one relevant entry. GT has been looking for a body double as demands on his time are becoming onerous (and his being left behind in hotel rooms is not unknown). The new arrival is awaited.


GT2 arrived on 3rd January 2018 and seems to be a nice fellow and up to the job.

[8Feb18] GT2 is in the hands of the 2nd Film Unit and will shortly be on his way to New York.

GT3 on ebay GT3

[9Apr18] The firstborn seems to have adopted GT2 (aka Green Bear) and so another body double is needed. Step forward GT3, bought on eBay 9th April 2018 for £2 the bear pair. (I had offered £8 for a buy-it-now but was turned down: I was the only bidder at £2.)

GT3's companion will be the third similar bear in stock - there is also a "naked" one (Commando Bear) and one with ear muffs. Better stop there.

And here they are.


Previous incarnation of GT

In an entirely different context, a previous incarnation of has been found dating back to 2005. This was discovered on the WayBack Machine.