Green Ted

Avery Hill Winter Gardens, 2017

Green Ted  Avery Hill reports,

Avery Hill, "an amazingly sumptuous" (Pevsner) late Victorian Italianate villa, was an enlargement of an earlier house. It was built for Colonel John Thomas North in c.1888 by T W Cutler, although North later dismissed and sued his architect for overspending by some £35,000. North's mansion had fine gardens and an enormous conservatory (100 feet square), which housed his winter garden. The main domed structure was "flanked by fernery and conservatory, the best survival in London of such Victorian extravaganzas" (Pevsner) and it took 8 years to build. In the eastern conservatory is a fountain with a marble statue of 'Galatea Reclining on a Dolphin', 1882, by Leopoldo Ansiglioni, which depicts the figure and dolphin surrounded by 4 bronze birds and a group of sea turtles.