Green Ted

with Billy Fury, 2014

Green Ted  Billy Furt

Tom Murphy seems to have cornered the market in Liverpool's sleb statues. His web site informs us that,

Billy’s statue, which was crafted by renowned Liverpool sculptor Tom Murphy, was shown to the public for the first time in April, after a huge fund-raising campaign, launched by Albie, Billy’s mother Jean and The Sound Of Fury fan club six years ago.
Fans across the country staged money-making events, while Jean even managed to raise cash after suffering a fall in which she broke her wrist: “Fans signed my cast for £5 a time – and then it was raffled off for £50! They said ‘Why don’t you break your leg next time?’!”
Jean, also held fund-raising coffee mornings adds: “I feel so proud. It’s taken a long time and a lot of people have done a lot of hard work, but it’s wonderful that Liverpool now has a statue of Billy.” Tom Murphy