Green Ted


30th July 2018

Green Ted place

An impromptu daytrip.

George IV, Sir Francis Legatt Chantrey

Green Ted and George IV, Sir Francis Legatt Chantrey
George IV, Sir Francis Legatt Chantrey
30th July 2018, 13:35
Fuji X-M1, 16-50mm @ 18mm (27mm)
1/400 sec; f/9; ISO 400
composite image
Cat. N

Standing robed figure of George IV on a corniced granite pedestal. The statue is a replica of that which stands at the head of the grand staircase in Windsor Castle. It is currently just outside the north gate of The Royal Pavilion. It was previously in the nearby Old Steine, but was moved to be replaced by a was memorial in 1922.
Information from Public Sculptures of Sussex.

BrewDog, Brighton

Green Ted at BrewDog, Brighton
BrewDog, Brighton
30th July 2018, 13:12
iPhone 7+, 4mm (28mm)
1/20 sec; f/1.8; ISO 80
Cat. 4,950
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Another stamp in the passport and two more excellent halves. The location of this branch could be more central and convenient, but the facilities are up to the usual standard.