Green Ted

Canterbury, March 2018, Page 2

Lamb, Pits & Fenwick's

Green Ted with The Canterbury Lamb

We wandered around for some time looking for this (never far from its actual location in the bus station) and eventually asked a nice young chap in a jewellery shop who smiled and said proudly, "that's the Canterbury Lamb".

The Canterbury Lamb

Green Ted with The Canterbury Lamb, Kenny Hunter, 2005
Lamb, Kenny Hunter, 2005
5th Mar 2018, 12:56
Fuji X100S, 23mm
1/150 sec; f/5.6; ISO 200
Cat 2,230

Green Ted with The Canterbury Lamb Green Ted with The Canterbury Lamb Green Ted with The Canterbury Lamb Green Ted with The Canterbury Lamb

Cat. 2,230-34. Posts on this piece are rare, this from Rosie at Canterbury Daily Photo

If you ever pass the bus station in Canterbury, look out for this gorgeous and sweet sculpture called 'Lamb' by Kenny Hunter.
Just adorable

The Pits

Green Ted and The Pits,  Canterbury
The Pits, Janet Hodgson, 2005
5th Mar 2018, 13:24
iPhone 7+, 4mm (28mm)
1/440 sec; f/1.8; ISO 20
Cat 2,240

There is a square near the Lamb paved with slabs which have been engraved. This explanation from Peter Hatton,

Janet Hodgson, who has died aged 56, was a highly regarded artist and teacher who is remembered with much affection and respect by those who had the good fortune to work and collaborate with her and by those who were taught by her… We are fortunate to have one of her few permanent commissions here in Canterbury, “The Pits” in Whitefriars. This was a four-year project where Janet worked alongside Sam Wilkinson, Art Consultant, the Canterbury Archeological Trust, Land Securities and Canterbury City Council to develop a project that made manifest the archeological process and palimpsest of habitation and occupation of a site.
The Pits brought together all the archaeological drawings of holes or pits or absences made during the excavations for the new shopping centre development. The drawings were enlarged to life size and carved in to the paving slabs in the exact geographical location the holes were located. The carvings are of the working drawings of the archaeologists showing as they puzzle over the meanings of their findings. Fixing their temporary activity.


Green Ted in Fenwick's, Canterbury
5th Mar 2018, 13:06
iPhone 7+, 4mm (28mm)
1/25 sec; f/1.8; ISO 40
Cat 2,250-51

Green Ted in Fenwick's, Canterbury

Finally, Fenwick's Department Store offered an excellent comfort break on the furniture floor which also featured some small sculpture-like offerings.