Green Ted


22nd September 2018

Green Ted with a Chatsworth Lion

Enthused by Fay Godwin's image, Chatsworth Lion, we went in search. They are now housed indoors, in the main sculpture hall and GTing is frowned upon, but the staff member near the lions was inducted into the GT Fan Club, i.e. given a GreenTed calling card. This piece is described on the back of a postcard as "Sleeping Lion by Rinaldo Rinaldi (1793-1873) after Canova © Devonshire Collection, Chatsworth".

Chatsworth are not very good at labelling their pieces, though the web site states,

Our existing sculpture collection, featuring many of the leading lights of post-war sculpture such as Antony Gormley, Elisabeth Frink, Allen Jones, Angela Conner, Michael Craig-Martin, Nic Fiddian-Green and Barry Flanagan including pieces rarely seen in public, is centre stage and positioned in response to the landscape; the garden being a sculpture itself having been shaped, built, planted and hewn from the Derbyshire landscape.

That fits in with the new approach on this site, resulting from my having to concentrate on a ((mostly) GT-free) photography degree. The amount of research and information provided will be severely limited as I struggle to clear the backlog of GT images.


Green Ted and Chatsworth Lion
Sleeping Lion, after Canova by Rinaldo Rinaldi
Chatsworth House
22nd September 2018, 11:56
Lumix G80, Lumix 12-60 @ 17mm (35mm)
1/40 sec; f/3.8; ISO 3200
Cat. 5,351-55

Chatsworth Lion Green Ted and Chatsworth Lion Bookends

Understandably, there's a lot of merchandising at Chatsworth House. Our pair of lion bookends were a tad expensive at £40+, but a bargain compared to the customer in front of me who paid nearly £20 for three bars of soap.


Green Ted and Chatsworth foot
Chatsworth House
22nd September 2018, 11:21
Lumix G80, Lumix 12-60 @ 17mm (35mm)
1/60 sec; f/3.9; ISO 1600
Cat. 5,360-63

Chatsworthfoot Chatsworth foot label

As noted, there are not many labels. There is an occasional lamb with a comment. This one states, "The big foot is over 2,100 years old and takes a size 101 shoe. On their web site it is referred to as, "Foot wearing a sandal Greek, marble, 150 - 50 BC". It further notes that, "There is a similar right foot at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, which is believed to match the left foot at Chatsworth". If only we had known in March.

Exquisite Pain, Damien Hirst

Exquisite Pain, Damien Hirst
Exquisite Pain, Damien Hirst
Chatsworth House
22nd September 2018, 11:26
Lumix G80, Lumix 12-60 @ 18mm (36mm)
1/50 sec; f/3.9; ISO 3200
Cat. 5,365-68

Exquisite Pain, Damien Hirst Exquisite Pain, Damien Hirst Exquisite Pain, Damien Hirst

No chance of sneaking GT into the shot, but he already has one of these from St. Bartholomew-the-Great.


Green Ted at Chatsworth
22nd September 2018, 11:55
Lumix G80, Lumix 12-60 @ 17mm (35mm)
1/50 sec; f/3.8; ISO 3200
Cat. 5,369-74

Chatsworth Chatsworth Chatsworth Chatsworth Green Ted at Chatsworth

cat. 5,369 This piece is in the main sculpture room at the opposite end to the lions. It is possible that this sculpture is the one in the background in Fay Godwin's Lion photograph referred to above. Investigation will continue.
cat. 5,370-1 A veiled Vestal Virgin, Raffaelle Monti, 1846-47 - link
cat. 5,372 this is a good companion piece for Mike Chapman's In the Beginning at St Martin in the Fields.
cat. 5,373 Chinese Ladders, Felicity Aylieff (born 1954) - link
cat. 5,374 spotted on the Chatsworth web site as The Sleeping Endymion, Antonio Canova (1757–1822), marble, 1819–1822.

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