Green Ted

Christchurch Gardens, January 2018

Purcell and Suffragettes

Green Ted and Purcell

Two notable monuments in one place, a small and otherwise unimpressive patch of some grass but mostly bare earth beside a busy London road (Victoria Street). The full title of the Purcell piece is The Flowering of the English Baroque. Comments from exploring-london

The rather florid memorial, sculpted by Glynn Williams, was unveiled by Princess Margaret on 22nd November, 1995, the tercentenary of Purcell’s death. Purcell, credited as one of the greatest ever English composers thanks to his unique take on Baroque music, is believed to have been born nearby in a premises on a lane located off Old Pye Street. The gardens in which they are located also houses the Suffragette Memorial and is a former burial ground.

Designed to resemble an uncurling scroll, the bronzed glass fibre scroll – designed by Edwin Russell – was put there by the Suffragette Fellowship (a group which was founded in 1926 to commemorate the suffrage movement of the early 20th century) and dedicated to the “courage and perseverance of all those men and women who in the long struggle for votes for women, selflessly braved derision, opposition and ostracism, many enduring physical violence and suffering.
Green Ted and Purcell Green Ted and Purcell Green Ted and Suffragettes Memorial
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