Green Ted

Jantje, Ivo Coljé
The Hague, 2017

Green Ted  The Hague states that,

Next to the Hofvijver (pond) in The Hague city center is a bronze statue of a young boy on a pedestal. On his arm he is carrying a basket while on his head is a hat with a large feather. His hand is outstretched, and he is pointing toward the Binnenhof (Parliament) building.
The statue is called ‘Jantje‘ which means ‘little John‘ in Dutch. And the particular Jantje the statue relates to is John I, Count of Holland who died in 1299 at the age of 15 years old. He was the son of Floris V, Count of Holland who had built an estate on the spot where the Binnenhof stands today.
There is an old Dutch children’s song about The Hague and Jantje features in it. It says if you ask Jantje where his daddy lives, he will point with his little finger…
The statue itself was created in 1976 by sculptor Ivo Coljé. Recently, a short circular stone wall has been added in front of the Jantje statue giving it a grander presence. Etched into the stone on the front are the words of the Haags Jantje song.
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