Green Ted

London 19th July 2018

Jeff Goldblum

Green Ted and Jeff Goldblum

A gallery visit had already been planned, but the newspaper described a "pop-up" statue of Jeff Goldblum in Potters Fields and today is the last day (or is it next Thursday?).

Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum
Jeff Goldblum, Artist n/k
Potters Field, SE1
19th July 2018, 11:19
Fuji X-M1, 16-50 @ 34mm (53mm)
Exposure 1/900 sec; f/5.0; ISO 400
Cat. 4,891-92

Jeff Goldblum

Quote from an evidently exciteable Time Out.

There’s a 25ft Jeff Goldblum next to Tower Bridge (and he’s got his shirt off)
Hold on to your butts. A 25ft long Jeff Goldblum sculpture has arrived on Potters Field to celebrate 25 years of ’Jurassic Park in UK cinemas.
The pose from the 1993 dino classic has become an internet sensation over the years, spawning pin-badges, balloons, and an entire gallery of drunken poses at Clapham’s ‘Jurassic Party’. We’re talking, of course, about Dr Ian Malcom (Jeff), reclining with his shirt unbuttoned after a Tyrannosaurus Rex attack.
The giant Jurassic Jeff sculpture took 250 hours to make. At three metres high, he weighs in at 150kg. And no, sadly, you can’t climb on him.
Goldblum’s reaction to the memes? He recently told Jordan Vogt-Roberts, in an interview for the US ‘Jurassic Park’ 25th anniversary: ‘I admire them, myself. It’s great: the human body is beautiful in all ways.’ Phwoar, yes it is Jeff. Yes. It. Is.
Get your sexy Jeff ’grams in sharpish! The NOW TV sculpture is at Potters Field Park, Tooley St, SE1 2AA until Thursday July 19.