Green Ted

London 25th May 2018

Green Ted place

To Putney Arts Theatre for a show by RPS, London. Some good snaps on view: I wonder if they'll take to GT (and whether they'll be given the chance).
Thereafter it was just whatever came up - some nearby graves, a charity shop and a BrewDog.

And a bonus Kevin.

Putney Old Burial Ground

Green Ted at Putney Old Burial Ground
Putney Old Burial Ground
25th May 18, 12:11
iPhone 7+, 4mm (28mm)
1/460 sec; f/1.8; ISO 20
Cat. 3,640-42

Green Ted at Putney Old Burial Ground Putney Old Burial Ground entrance Robert Wood

Quote from Putney SW15

Mid-18th century cemetery with a small mortuary building. Cemetery has four listed tombs, two of which are for people of local importance; Harriet Thomson, an 18th century novelist and Robert Henry Wood, an 18th century traveller and author. Also tombs to Joseph Lucas and Stratford Canning.

[Jan2022] The first image appeared in The Life and Works of Robert Wood Classicist and Traveller (1717-1771) by Rachel Finnegan and Lynda Mulvin, converted to B&W to de-emphasise GT.

Scope, Clapham

Green Ted and
small unknown sculpture
Clapham charity shop
25th May 18, 13:41
iPhone 7+, 4mm (28mm)
1/950 sec; f/1.8; ISO 20
Cat. 3,650

Returning from the Clapham BrewDog, this curious piece was noticed in a charity shop, probably Scope.

BrewDog, Clapham

Green Ted at the BrewDog, Clapham
BrewDog, Clapham
25th May 18, 13:10
iPhone 7+, 4mm (28mm)
1/17 sec; f/1.8; ISO 80
Cat. 3,660
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Another fine establishment, beer not quite up to the usual standard, but still better than most

Kevin in the shed

Kevin and Cat in the shed
Kevin the shed
23rd May 18, 15:25
iPhone 7+, 6.6mm (57mm)
1/850 sec; f/2.8; ISO 50
Cat. 3,660

Finally a bonus item, no GT but Kevin taking his leisure in the shed.