Green Ted

Mondrian, 2017

Green Ted  The Hague

The Gemeentemuseum has kindly advised that the work below is Mozart Büste by Markus Lüpertz. provides the following on another of his Mozart tributes,

Markus Lüpertz has created a very personal hommage to Mozart. His "Mozart" is neither a historical portrait nor a simple allegory. In the form of a 2.95 metre-high bronze figure, Lüpertz's work combines a naked female torso and a bust of the composer with the characteristic pigtail, posed in classical counterpoise confronting St. Mark's Church as a sculptural opposite. Evoking the genius and inward discord that marked Mozart's life and work, the artist leaves his "Mozart" transfused with an ambivalence of male and female, complete and fragmentary. 
Art critic Peter Iden points out, that Lüpertz's sculpture is to be seen as reflecting Mozart's music and its impact rather than Mozart as a person. In this connection he refers to "the perils of free expression that art in any form represents and the threats it is subjected to"
Green Ted  & PM Green Ted  & PM Green Ted  & PM Green Ted and Mozart Buste, Markus Lupertz
Cat. 1,102-4 at the Haags Gemeentemuseum and elsewhere in The Hague.