Green Ted

St. Paul's, January 2018

Paternoster, Elizabeth Frink

Plumber's Apprentice, Martin Jennings

Firefighters' Memorial, John W Mills

Green Ted  St Pauls

All photographed on 5th Jan 2018. The Plumber's Apprentice at Cannon St. Station on the way there, the Frink in Paternoster Square and the Firefighters' Memorial on the other side of St. Paul's.
Comments from LookupLondon, the Evening Standard and The Firefighters Memorial Trust.

[Paternoster Square, the] modern development, owned by Mitsubishi Estate Co., was designed by Whitfield Partners in 1995. They chose to restore the medieval street plan of the area and commissioned Elizabeth Frink to create the sculpture Paternoster.
It’s a reference to Newgate Meat Market that was on this site from the late 17th until Smithfield took it’s place in 1868. The use of sheep is also a religious nod to the proximity of St Paul’s Cathedral.
A seven-foot bronze statue of a plumber's apprentice isto be unveiled at Cannon Street station to recognise the role of the plumbing industry in the City of London.
The monument will be installed next year to mark the 400th anniversary of the Worshipful Company of Plumbers receiving its Royal Charter from King James I.
Cannon Street was the site of the company's livery hall until 1863 when it was compulsorily purchased to make way for the expansion of the railway station. There are more than 100 livery companies in the City of London. They are ranked in order of precedence, the Worshipful Company of Plumbers is number 31.
The Firefighters Memorial is located at a symbolic site on the south side of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. The Cathedral is often symbolically portrayed as a famous and iconic building which stood in defiance of all of the fires burning and general destruction around it, caused by the Blitz on London.
The Memorial, depicting a Fire Officer and two Firemen, cast in bronze engaged in firefighting duties, was originally called ‘Blitz’ and was dedicated to the men and women of the Fire Service who lost their lives as a result of their duties during World War II. Her Majesty, the late Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, unveiled this memorial on 4 May 1991.,,
Frink, Sheep Frink, Sheep Frink, Sheep Plumber's Mate Plumber's Mate Plumber's Mate Blitz Blitz
Frink Cat. 1441-3, Plumber's Apprentice Cat. 1450-2, Firefighters' Memorial Cat. 1460-1.