Green Ted


Green Ted in Whitehall

Whitehall is mostly about war memorials. There were some chaps on horses, either kings or generals, that were ignored. Women of WW2 (John W. Mills, 2005) is a striking piece. The three statues are nearby and spaced a few yards apart: Field Marshal Alanbrooke (Ivor Roberts-Jones, 1993), Field Marshal Slim (Ivor Roberts-Jones, 1990) and Monty (Oscar Nemon, 1980).

From Wikipedia,

The Monument to the Women of World War II is a British national war memorial situated on Whitehall in London, to the north of the Cenotaph. It was sculpted by John W. Mills, unveiled by Queen Elizabeth II and dedicated by Baroness Boothroyd in July 2005.
Fundraising was conducted by a charitable trust set up for the purpose of establishing a memorial, with the National Heritage Memorial Fund donating towards the project. Baroness Boothroyd also raised money on the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?.
Green Ted and Field Marshal Alanbrooke Green Ted and Field Marshal Slim Green Ted and Monty
Messrs. Alanbrooke, Slim and Montgomery, Cat.1,631-3